Benefits Of Prida Alofica Collagen

  • Prevent, restore, skincare to aging process
  • Enhance cells regeneration
  • Strengthen skin tightness
  • Restore skin elasticity and firmness
  • Contract large pores
  • Effectively enhance the skin metabolism
  • Reduce face wrinkles, fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin and dull skin
  • Able to reduce melanin, spots, freckles and age spots
  • Skin whitening
  • Anti-aging for skin (300 times higher than vitamin E)
  • Skin repairing (High of Vitamin C)
  • Give a glow, radiant and youthful skin
  • Effectively reduce black eye, eye-bag issue, by having a pair of charming eyes
  • Give a strong protection to vagina health
  • Good for joint muscles
  • Good to get a beautiful, firm breast & butt
  • Powerfull antioxidants
  • Improve the immune system
  • Smooth the skin
  • Repairing damage cells in the body
  • Increase the energy level in the body
  • Reduce hair drop and strengthen hairs
  • Strengthen nails



  1. jane says:

    Prida Alofica is a product from which country?
    How to became a member?
    Is this product suitable for vegetarian?

  2. Asnah Pekul says:

    I’m very interested to become a member.

  3. Noraini Nordin says:

    mcmana nk join

  4. joy says:

    Hello every1…
    For all the Filipinos who are interested to buy or any inquiries about Alofica Collagen please contact 0919-8918021, Jean Navarro or visit their Facebook page Prida Alofica Collagen-Philippines. Thank you
    Alofica Collagen is P1120/box (3.5g x 16 sachet)
    Aloberries is P2500/box (25g x 15 sachet)

  5. Bing says:

    How to become a member or dealer