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We offer a very good formulation that suitable for all types of skin. Collagen is one of the most popular element in food for skin. You can choose combination of marine collagen or bio-collagen with fruit powder. It taste good as well as enhances beautiful skin. Collagen also supports healthy hair, skin and nail as […]


<!–:en–>Benefits Of Prida Alofica Collagen<!–:–><!–:my–>Kebaikan Alofica Kolagen<!–:–>

%%anc%% Prevent, restore, skincare to aging process Enhance cells regeneration Strengthen skin tightness Restore skin elasticity and firmness Contract large pores Effectively enhance the skin metabolism Reduce face wrinkles, fine wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging skin and dull skin Able to reduce melanin, spots, freckles and age spots Skin whitening Anti-aging for skin (300 times higher […]


<!–:en–>Benefits Aloe Vera and Pueraria Mirifica<!–:–><!–:my–>Kebaikan aloe vera dan pueraria mirifica<!–:–>

1. Aloe Vera Heals wounded wounds and scars Treats over burnt skin and dry skin Reduces blood cholesterol and sugar level Helps self-renewing red blood cells Helps balance acid/alkali in body Treats ulcer and also the digestive system Increases minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients to help relieve haemorrhoids Repairs broken cells and helps strengthen the […]